Other decoration works
Garden gates, enclosures
Garage doors



For individual orders we make exterior and interior ornamental elements, wall- and floor mosaics, listells, floor and wall inlays, non-skid elements, mosaic house name and number plates, boards, logos, shop plaques, net fitted stone mosaics…. .

Ornaments:  pictures, mirrors, fra-mes, table tops, pots, ceramic plant holders ….

Materials:  stone, pebbles, tiles, ceramics-, lime-, glazed tile- and glass mosaics. …

Net-fitted elements can also be installed before plastering and they are perfectly suitable for the fast, subsequent coating of columns or interior wall panels.

As we do not use any computer aided technology, every piece of work is fully unique and irrepeatable.
















Lime stone mosaic pictures with terracotta in wrought iron like frames. Any size, decorated with metal, stone, glass or wooden frames. We are open to meet any individual needs of design.











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